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Product Guide: Wannaloan

Quick Pay Day Loan Overview

  • Minimum Loan Amount: R500
  • Maximum Loan Amount: R3,000
  • Minimum Length of the Loan: 5 Days
  • Maximum Length of the Loan: 37 Days
  • APR: 60%

Wannaloan?™ is all about Pay Day Loans

You can apply from R500 up to R3 000, qualify and get paid the same day!

Wannaloan is so confident in this that they have trademarked themselves with,


You can use this easy slider tool to determine your loan amount and repayment time and Wannaloan?™ will deliver some up to date fees for your pay potential day loan. If you’re on Mobile, don’t hesitate to check out their easy to mobile-site.

Wannaloan?™ also promises:

  • Paperless Application
  • First Five days interest fees
  • Payout within one hour
  • Three simple steps to getting paid

Why Wannaloan?™ is Here

Wannaloan™ was created for a sole purpose. They noticed that there was a growing number of South Africans who struggled to access short-term credit. Therefore, the Wannaloan?™ mission is to create a solution that will lift the burden of denial-of-credit for the little things by providing small loans over short periods. In the face of the deficient climate, Wannaloan?™ quickly became South Africa’s premier payday lending company.

The Wannaloan?™ head office is nestled in the sunny city of Cape Town, South Africa. Their team works tirelessly to provide payday lending solutions to the South African public. Wannaloan?™ is part of the enterprising company Blackbird Group which is an established leader in the financial industry.

“Although our processes are automated and communication instant, Wannaloan?™ will constantly strive to champion the customer experience”- says CEO and founder, Nathan January.

As a uniquely South African company, they are committed to responsible lending and advise to only borrow as much as you can afford to pay back. Read more about the Wannaloan?™ Responsible Lending Practice. If you have any further questions.


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