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Product Guide: Opportunity Finance Business Loan

Opportunity Finance Small to Medium Business Finance

Comparison Overview:

  • Product: Small to Medium Business Finance
  • Minimum Loan Amount: R1,000.00
  • Max loan amount: R15,000.00
  • Min repayment period: 4 months
  • Max repayment period: 24 months
  • APR: 23-60%

Product Overview

Opportunity Finance understands your business finance needs. The necessity for a small business to have access to flexible working capital. The importance for a small business to invest in assets such as machinery, equipment and vehicles. The frustration of small business owners not being able to access finance due to lack of sufficient formal documentation

Benefits to small and medium businesses

Opportunity Finance recognises the importance of small business development and are dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed and grow by providing finance that allows entrepreneurs on a sustainable basis to:

  • Loan amounts range from R1 000.00 – R15 0000.00 to meet working capital needs and finance the purchase of assets such as machinery and equipment, and business and home improvement.
  • Flexible loan repayment terms from 4 months to 24 months, with instalments payable weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Competitive interest rates ranging from 23% to 60% per annum
  • Loans can be paid into your existing bank account, the Opportunity Finance pre-paid debit card or to the supplier from which you are purchasing
  • Sole proprietors DO NOT need formal financial records (income statement and balance sheet) although it would be advantageous if you have these
  • No need to have a bank account!
  • For loans of more than R15 000.00, Opportunity Finance do require collateral.

What do you need to apply?

  • Must have been in business for 1 year
  • Your green SA ID book
  • Sole proprietors (i.e. where you own and run the business) Opportunity Finance would like to see the following documents:
    • Slips, invoices, receipts of purchases and sales for the last 3 months (if this is available)
    • A bank statement for the last 90 days (if you have a bank account)
    • Proof of residence (FICA document)
  • For close corporations Opportunity Finance requires:
    • CK1 and/or CK2 documents
    • Business Registration Number
    • ID number and names of members
    • Most recent financial statements
    • Proof of income and expenses
    • Bank statement for the last 90 days
    • Resolution from members, authorising the loan application with Opportunity Finance
  • For registered companies Opportunity Finance requires:
    • Company documents which include:
      • Founding statements, Articles of association, CM1, CM2, CM5, CM9, CM20, CM29
    • Most recent audited financial statements
    • Management accounts for the last 6 months
    • Bank statement for the last 180 days
    • Resolution authorising the nominated representative to apply for the loan
    • List of shareholders and their shareholding in the company
    • ID Number and names of Company Directors

How it Works

  1. Make an inquiry online, by phoning the Opportunity Finance national call centre or contacting one of their business development officers.
  2. One of the Opportunity Finance business development officers will contact you and set up an appointment to meet you.
  3. All the necessary financial and application information will be processed.
  4. If Opportunity Finance has all the information that they require from you, they can approve and pay out the loans within 12 business days!


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