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Product Guide: Nedbank Startup Loan

Nedbank Startup Loan

Comparison Overview:

  • Product: Startup Loan
  • Minimum Loan Amount: n/a
  • Max loan amount: n/a
  • Min repayment period: n/a
  • Max repayment period: n/a
  • APR: n/a

Product Overview

The Nedbank Startup Loan is for you when your business is starting out, you often need capital upfront to buy profit-making assets. That’s where Nedbank comes in.

Finance your business

Nedbank Small Business Services has the right solution for you. Whether your small business needs capital to finance:

  • a business venture;
  • an expansion of an existing business; or
  • vehicles, plant and machinery or property.

Nedbank will find you an innovative way of meeting your needs without breaking the bank, ensuring you’re growing faster than you ever thought possible.


You can request a call back from Nedbank or contact them on 0860 555 333.

Nedbank Business Growth Loan

Comparison Overview:

  • Product: Business Growth Loan
  • Minimum Loan Amount: n/a
  • Max loan amount: n/a
  • Min repayment period: n/a
  • Max repayment period: up to 120 months
  • APR: competitive interest rates

Product Overview

The Nedbank Business Growth Loan is for you when you take your business’s future personally. Because Nedbank does too. They want to work together to make your growth plans a reality with tailored financial products to help you get there.

From small to established in no time

A Nedbank Business Growth Loan offers small-business owners a structured loan with a term of up of 10 years, guaranteed by an acceptable form of security. Whether expansion means a new product or upgrading an existing business, the possibilities are limited only by your own aspirations.

A Nedbank Business Growth Loan offers the following. It:

  • offers competitive interests rates on repayments;
  • is tax deductible;
  • includes the option of Nedbank Credit Life Cover; and
  • is structured around your needs, helping you determine the shortest payback term you can realistically afford.


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