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Product Guide: Lulalend


Lulalend wants to grow your business

Lulalend is more than a company. It’s a belief in the power of small business, making a difference, building a better solution and striving for excellence. We work hard to empower businesses across South Africa with the funds they need to grow, and we have a great time doing it!

Lulalend principles

    • They believe small businesses are the key to local economic success and deserve an easy and inspiring lending experience.
    • They know time is money, and our products and services are designed to keep owners moving at the speed of business.
    • They make sure that our funding costs and terms are transparent and understandable.
    • They know that having someone to speak with about financing is important, so we have Specialists available to answer any questions.

They deliver business funding using the cutting-edge Lulalend scoring technology, which takes into account the health of your business together with your personal credit score.

This means they are able to give your business the best possible funding.

They offer 3 unique selling points:


How to apply?

Apply online for free

Apply online within minutes. Let them know the funding you’re looking for and enter some standard personal and business information. Upload your recent bank statements or link your internet banking account and you’re done.

You can also call on 087 943 2381 and they can assist you in getting your application underway. Your personal and business information is always safe and secure with Lulalend.

Receive your decision

Lulalend scoring technology evaluates the real-time performance of your business so that you get the best possible funding. You will be provided with a decision in minutes - absolutely no obligation. Choose to access your credit now or later.

Get funded

They aim to have the funds in your bank account within 24 hours. Repay in standard installments over 6 or 12 months or choose to pay early and save.

Costs are transparent and easy to understand so that you know exactly how much needs to be repaid. Start growing your business today!

Do you qualify?

The minimum qualifications are less intensive than those of banks. Lulalend is focused on getting you approved so your business can thrive.

  • Time in business should be more than 1 year
  • Annual revenue should exceed R500,000
  • Your business needs to be located in South Africa

Typical funding uses include:

• Purchasing Inventory

• Hiring Employees

• Launching Marketing Campaigns

• Purchasing Equipment

• Remodeling / Renovating

• Opening New Locations

• Managing Cash Flow

• Handling Unexpected Expenses

• Bridging Receivables Gaps

Find out what you will repay by clicking here.


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