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Product Guide: GetBucks

Quick Pay Day Loan Overview

  • Minimum Loan Amount: R500
  • Maximum Loan Amount: R4,000
  • Length of the Loan: 7 Days
  • Repayment Length of the Loan: 45 Days
  • APR: 60%

GetBucks provides Short Term Loans and helps you manage your money better

They have a simple three step process:

  1. Choose your Loan
  2. Confirm your Identity
  3. Get your Bucks

You can use this simple loan calculator on their homepage to choose your loan and repayment terms.

How it Works with GetBucks

Few companies provide infographics and step by step visuals to show what’s in store for you. Below is just a summary of the GetBucks process.

  1. Sign-Up & Verify Account
  2. Credit Checks & Loan Offer
  3. Finalise Loan & Schedule Payout
  4. Get Your Bucks Fast
  5. Trust Levels with GetBucks

GetBucks Trust Level

GetBucks focuses a lot on trust. They’ve created a page that takes you through their levels of trust by taking a visual tour on an elevator. You can also view some testimonials on the Trust Level Page.

As a potential and existing customer of GetBucks, you get rewarded with better loan offers as you show you are trustworthy with your other loans and your past credit records. These levels will allow you to not only take out pay day loans, but bigger personal loans as well. Here is a short overview of the Trust Levels and the Loan Rewards:

  1. Level 1 – R4,000 Max Amount over a 1 Month Max Loan Term
  2. Level 2 – R5,000 Max Amount over a 2 Month Max Loan Term
  3. Level 3 – R6,000 Max Amount over a 3 Month Max Loan Term
  4. Level 4 – R8,000 Max Amount over a 6 Month Max Loan Term
  5. Level 5 – R10,000 Max Amount over a 6 Month Max Loan Term
  6. Level 6 – R16,000 Max Amount over a 6 Month Max Loan Term
  7. Level 7 – R24,000 Max Amount over a 6 Month Max Loan Term


If you have any questions, GetBucks has a dedicated support system weekdays and on a Saturday, as well as a live chat option on their option which delivers fast answers and support! You can view their support help centre here with questions and answers to many questions.

Some Background on GetBucks

GetBucks started in 2011, in South Africa and have since helped 212,500 people with short-term financial needs. They are now in a total of 9 countries which includes:

  • South Africa
  • Botswana
  • Spain
  • Poland
  • Kenya
  • Malawi
  • Zimbabwe
  • Swaziland
  • Zambia

The GetBucks Promise

GetBucks has spent a lot of time refining their process to provide you with the simplest and quickest short-term finance products available today. GetBucks is a business that specializes in extending credit through virtual means such as the Internet. GetBucks is fully compliant with the credit legislative requirements of South Africa and promotes responsible lending. GetBucks also strives to provide superior administration and management of client accounts.

Trusted Lender

They’re not shipping you off to some 3rd party leader. Your credit needs to come directly from GetBucks. If you repay on time, you get access to bigger loans at lower rates.

Trust Score

Your trust score gets calculated every time you repay a loan, update information and other things that GetBucks requests from time to time.

A+ Customer Service

They take utmost pride when helping clients sort out the little things. They are available on live chat, email or a good old phone call.

Personal Dashboard

Sign in anytime to access your wallet. Apply for bucks on the fly with the seamless payout process. Your free account gives you full control.

Transaction Timeline

Beautiful visual representation of your account with access to contracts, settlement letters and everything in between.

Credit Score

GetBucks is committed to making your credit score rock! They analyse and assist you in making better financial decisions. It’s a win – win situation.


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