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Product Guide: Direct Axis

Quick Personal Loan Overview

  • Minimum Loan Amount: R4,000
  • Maximum Loan Amount: R150,000
  • Minimum Length of the Loan: 24 Months
  • Maximum Length of the Loan: 72 Months
  • APR: ?

Quick Consolidation Loan Overview

  • Minimum Loan Amount: ?
  • Maximum Loan Amount: R150,000
  • Minimum Length of the Loan: ?
  • Maximum Length of the Loan: ?
  • APR: ?

With DirectAxis, you can apply for a Personal Loan of up to R150,000 to use however you like

What do you get with a DirectAxis Personal Loan?

When you take out a loan with DirectAxis, you’ll deal with an authorized Financial Services Provider, with many years of experience in the financial services industry. DirectAxis is all about minimizing your risk. So, you’ll only be approved for a personal loan that you can comfortably afford. Their priority is to give you the best offer they possibly can. All DirectAxis Personal Loans are unsecured loans which simply means that they won’t ask you to use your car or home, or any other asset as collateral. To further guarantee your security and peace of mind, all DirectAxis loans are subject to the National Credit Act No. 34 of 2005, to ensure responsible lending. They consider all loan applications. Every application is subject to credit approval.

How much do you need?

You can choose to take out a Personal Loan from as little as R4,000 or up to R150,000 (in increments of R1,000). The loans DirectAxis offers can be repaid over a term of 2 to 6 years. Better yet, once approved, your money could be in your bank account within 48 hours!

It’s up to you

You’re free to use the money however you like – you could use the money for home renovations, to pay for your child’s education or consolidate your retail accounts – the money is yours to use for whatever you may need it for.

You’re covered!

All DirectAxis loans include their Personal Protection Plan, which settles your outstanding Personal Loan balance in the event of your death, permanent disability or certain dreaded diseases. This plan also includes limited cover in the event of temporary disability and retrenchment. You can substitute the Personal Protection Plan with a policy of your choice, provided the cover offered is equivalent.

Fixed rates that never go up

Your repayments are fixed at their current interest rate for the full term of your personal loan. They never go up – no matter how much interest rates do!

It’s so quick and easy to apply

To speed up the application process, there are no face-to-face interviews or unnecessary paperwork. You can apply for a loan online, at any time, or alternatively over the phone 7 days a week, from 8 am to 8 pm.

Fill in the DirectAxis online application for an instant answer!

No waiting around when you fill in our quick online application. Once you’ve applied, you’ll get a decision on whether you qualify – in seconds.

A loan that you can afford

DirectAxis takes your current financial circumstances into consideration and will only approve a loan amount that’s right for you – a loan that you can comfortably afford to repay and is in line with your personal financial profile.

What you’ll need to apply?

  • A clear credit reference
  • A regular monthly income of at least R3,000 (proof of income will be required)
  • Your ID number
  • Your bank account details into which your salary is paid

Why DirectAxis?

  • Convenient & Quick to apply
  • Money in next to no time
  • No need to provide any collateral
  • Fixed repayments – for full term of your loan

Debt Consolidation Loans of up to R150,000 that can improve your Cash Flow

Benefits of a  Consolidation Loan

  • Improved Cashflow
  • Fixed Repayments
  • Single Monthly Service Fee
  • Simpler Finances

What will you need to apply?

  • Clear Credit Reference
  • South African ID
  • Proof of Income
  • Bank Account Details

Learn more about how a Debt Consolidation Loan works

A consolidation loan is designed to simplify your finances and increase cash flow. DirectAxis will only grant you a loan that you can comfortably afford to repay based on your personal financial profile and subject to credit approval. With your permission, they will settle all or some of your loans, retail and credit card accounts.

The result is simplicity: a single monthly payment at a fixed interest rate – and because you’re taking the loan over a relatively longer term, your monthly repayment could be lower. In fact, South Africans who consolidate their accounts with DirectAxis increase their cash flow by an average of R1,900 every month!

Enjoy the easy to follow steps and infographics on the DirectAxis website to learn more about their Debt Consolidation Loans, or to apply. You can also use their calculator to see how a DirectAxis loan can help you with your cash flow.

Some Background on DirectAxis

DirectAxis is a specialist financial services company that provide customers with a direct connection to loans and insurance. Launched in January 1995, they give you direct access to the financial products you need, in a way that is most convenient for you.

To help DirectAxis do this, they draw on the diverse knowledge and expertise of their shareholder, FirstRand Bank Limited. DirectAxis operates one of the most technologically advanced call centres in the country which enables them to bring their products directly to you in a friendly, convenient manner.

At DirectAxis, they are committed to protecting your interests through strict adherence to the highest standards and business principles – and as a member of the Direct Marketing Association of Southern Africa and a member and patron of the Institute of Direct Marketing. In addition, DirectAxis has always promoted responsible lending and are compliant with the National Credit Act.

After more than a decade in operation, DirectAxis has grown from strength to strength. They have written more than 1 million personal loans, serviced over 385 000 Car & Home customers and over 165 000 Life Insurance customers – and they remain committed to offering all their customers financial solutions that are tailored to suit their needs, whatever they may be.


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