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Product Guide: Debt Rescue

Debt Rescue Fees

Comparison Overview:

  • Product: Fee Structure
  • Application/initiation fee: An Application fee of R50 + VAT in terms of the National Credit Act, Schedule 2 (2).
  • Rejection fee: A rejection fee of R300.00 (excluding VAT) when an application for debt review is rejected.
  • Restructuring fee: A Restructuring fee less or equal to the first instalment of the debt re-arrangement plan with a maximum of R6000 (excluding VAT)
  • Monthly fee: A monthly After-care fee of 5% (excluding VAT) of the monthly instalment of the debt re-arrangement plan with a maximum of R400 (excluding VAT) for a period of 24 months. Thereafter 3% (excluding VAT) with a maximum of R400 (excluding VAT) for the remaining period.

Product Overview

Debt Rescue believes in paying what you can afford and is a NCR Debt Counsellor.


  • Pay only one affordable monthly instalment
  • Have sufficient funds for living expenses
  • Instalment amounts are reduced
  • Repayment periods get extended
  • Credit Providers communicate with us, not you
  • The NCA protects you from being blacklisted

Why choose Debt Rescue

  1. All Debt Rescue fees are included in your repayment plan
    1. Debt Rescue fees are regulated by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and are included in your affordable debt repayment plan.
  2. Debt Rescue is operated by professionals
    1. The persons in charge of Debt Rescue’s operations are attorneys, accountants and ex senior bankers. In their opinion, Debt Counselling is a legal process and not all registered Debt Counsellors are necessarily competent enough to deal with the challenges that the process brings. Debt Counselling can be a life changing success if it is dealt with by competent Debt Counsellors, but in the hands of an incompetent Debt Counsellor it can be disastrous.
  3. Debt Rescue has very good relationships with most of the Credit Providers
    1. Debt Rescue has established very good relationships with most of the Credit Providers in the industry, therefore making the process of settling matters and disputes with Credit Providers quicker and easier, ensuring a very high success rate of the process as a whole.
  4. Highest level of service in South Africa
    1. As one of the most prominent players in the industry, the impeccable reputation of Debt Rescue is of the utmost importance to us and we endeavour to ensure that the level of Debt Rescue service and their ability to provide consumers with the best possible debt help, are the highest in South Africa.
  5. Debt Rescue makes use of specialist attorneys in Debt Counselling
    1. Debt Rescue only makes use of specialist attorneys in the field of Debt Counselling who have established networks of correspondents all over South Africa and who always keep abreast with the latest changes in the law pertaining to Debt Counselling.
  6. You can be assisted in 9 of the official languages of South Africa
    1. You can rest assured that you will be assisted in your mother tongue, ensuring that you have no problem understanding the Debt Counselling process and everything there is to know about it.
  7. You do not have to attend a consultation in person
    1. Although you may arrange for a consultation in person, the whole process can be finalized telephonically and via e-mail, making it extremely easy to make use of the Debt Counselling process. Debt Rescue takes your hand and guide you through the whole process, no matter where in South Africa you reside, so there is nothing to be afraid of.
  8. Your application is treated with confidentiality
    1. Your application is treated with the utmost confidentiality and therefore your employer or friends will not know that you are making use of Debt Counselling. Not that it is an indignity, seeing that chances are that 46% of all the people you know are financially distressed.
  9. 9.05 million South Africans are in arrears with at least 3 instalments
    1. The latest available statistics of the NCR indicates that 9.05 million consumers have impaired records. That is more than 46% of all credit-active consumers in South Africa. Since the implementation of the National Credit Act, Debt Rescue has assisted thousands of consumers to ease their financial distress and, where possible, to save their assets.


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