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Product Guide: Boodle

Quick Short Term Loan Overview

  • Minimum Loan Amount: R100
  • Maximum Loan Amount: R2,500
  • Length of the Loan: 2 Days
  • Repayment Length of the Loan: 45 Days
  • APR: 60%

For small loans, Boodle is a great option.

Boodle has gotten it right by delivering loans in an extremely simple process. They quickly show you how it works through their Loan Repayment Calculator and somehow get it right to give you the nitty-gritty details without you feeling overwhelmed.

How it Works

Boodle has created a simple 6 step process that will get you your small loan in a jiffy:

  1. They want to know all about you.
  2. Some small background steps.
  3. An affordability check to make sure you don’t get a bad credit record.
  4. Some details, like banking info and a summary of your loan application .
  5. Your official Boodle loan quote which you can accept.
  6. Boodle delivers the money in your bank account.

You can click here to view these simple steps on their website (which we strongly recommend, as they say it best) and apply for a loan online.

What is the Boodle Way?

Boodle is a mish-mash of techies, microfinance gurus, creatives, customer care specialists and super smart analysts, and all have one thing in common: To bring you the best lending platform around!

They’re committed to responsible lending and are passionate about satisfying your short-term financial requirements and delivering you a product second to none!

Boodle is a registered Credit Provider and is regulated by the National Credit Act 34 of 2005. Plus, they believe in transparency all the way – Boodle tells you how much you pay from the start – no ‘we forgot to mention’s, we promise! Just quick, safe, convenient loans chop chop!

Basics on Boodle

Boodle is a microlender that provides unsecured loans (check out Boodle Lingo for clarity on anything). There are no physical documents in their loan applications, it’s all ONLINE. That’s right, say goodbye to agents, call centres, telesales, branches or brokers – just you, Boodle and same day approval.

Simply apply now and with automated, quick decision-making processes, you could have Boodle in your bank within the hour. No bank statements, proof of residence or other time-consuming documentation needed. Plus you can see all of your loan details such as a statement, terms and conditions, repayment terms, settlement amount, interest rate and fees on the website. Anytime, Anywhere!

And should you not be happy about anything, give Boodle a call. They have the most amazing customer service and specialists that will help you with anything at all. Boodle wants you to have the best customer experience EVER – something evident from their website.


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