Who are 4 of the most popular car insurers in SA?

Mar 30, 2017
Author: Ean Barnard


MiWay claims to provide insurance that sets you free - a freedom that lets you live the adventurous and bold life without stressing about the “what if's” of the world.

They have an easy 5-step online application that allows you to not only accept their standard offers but to customise your coverage - like including non-standard sound systems or additional trinkets. They also give the option of insuring your vintage or classic cars part of a collection or the trailers and caravans at a specially agreed upon price.

Furthermore, Miway also has an easy and hassle-free claiming process - you can submit a claim online or via their app. They receive brilliant reviews from customers, with some complaints about responses and billing/accounts.

You can apply for Miway Vehicle Insurance here and a representative will get back you.


Momentum is a powerhouse insurance provider that has been around for a long time. For their car insurance products, they have a couple of features that are loved by customers.

They do not require a designated driver to be identified - they work on a regular driver basis. They provide free 24-hour roadside assistance, and also allow online or app submissions of a claim. They have a 20% cashback bonus for customers.

Momentum has a 12-month guaranteed premium and have fixed excess costs available. They have a history of providing their customers with award winning service (backed up by solid customer reviews).

You can apply for Momentum Vehicle Insurance here and a representative will get back you.


Although Discovery is more commonly known for their medical aid coverage, they offer great car insurance products as well. As part of their car insurance packages, they provide 30-day car hiring services for no extra cost (which can be exchanged for Uber services).

Their driving technology is of the most advanced and they give out weekly rewards for good driving like smoothies and parking vouchers. One of the attractive features is that they give up to 50% premium cashback based on fuel rewards for drivers. Discovery also provides medical assistance in the case of an accident which includes trauma support. Although they offer great packages, there are a couple of complaints about feedback or response to queries.

You can apply for Discovery Vehicle Insurance here and a representative will get back you.

Auto & General

Auto & General has been serving the South African consumer for many years and has built valuable products to best serve you, the customer.

They provide all the basics, as with the others, but they have a Bettercar Value option where they pay out an amount to get a newer car with fewer kilometres on the clock. They also include coverage for accessories to the value of R10 000. Auto & General offers insurance for trailers, caravans, 4x4 vehicles and watercrafts as well!

Although they offer great products, there have been a lot of complaints about the service received and the repairs they initiated.

You can apply for Auto & General Vehicle Insurance here and a representative will get back you.

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