The Top 5 of Investing and Innovative Banking Infographic

Mar 07, 2016
Author: Ean Barnard

Use this Investing and Innovative Banking Infographic to get a grip on Investing and Innovating in South Africa

Despite heaps of negative commentary on the state of the South African economy in 2016, there are and will always be places in any country, including South Africa, where growth is possible. South Africa leads a powerful effort in innovative banking and financial solutions.

The Investing and Innovative Banking Infographic below highlights the companies and banks that have been taking steps in creating better solutions for South African consumers. This is the list - in no particular order - from an article on the 5 trendsetters in South African banking:


  1. 22Seven from Old Mutual, is a personal finance management app that links with your bank, investment, and credit accounts.
  2. Rainfin from Barclays, makes peer to peer lending possible in a market where it is much needed.
  3. Snapscan powered by Standard Bank, makes payments possible from a mobile app that links with your cards.
  4. ReadytoWork from Absa, encourages and equips young working adults to be ready for and to get work.
  5. FNB Connect from FNB, is a mobile network solution that leans on other networks but makes FNB your mobile network service provider.

The Investing and Innovative Banking Infographic below also highlights the top 5 industries to invest in if you are considering investments in South Africa. This list of the 5 industries are summed up here:

  1. Equity portfolios will help you get maximum offshore exposure.
  2. Rental properties will help you beat inflation on your assets.
  3. Invest directly on the JSE if you are willing to learn and beat the usual heaps of asset management skills.
  4. Mining companies are a sure bet when the ZAR is taking a prolonged dip.
  5. The tourism industry will help you tap into stronger international currencies.

Enjoy the Investing and Innovative Banking Infographic below and share it with your friends to show them the well of opportunities that still exist in the South African economy in 2016.

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