How the Joburg Flash Floods Remind Us of the Importance of Vehicle Insurance

Nov 11, 2016

[image cred: Alert South Africa]

The whole of South Africa has been anxiously awaiting rain for months now. Doom and gloom have also been the widespread confession of many in South Africa during this long wait. Right now, the type of confession is mostly changing from #RainMustFall, to a cry of help as people are seeing devastation unfold due to the flash floods.

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Along with many South Africans, we would have been happy to see this healthy dosage of rain and not the onslaught of rain that is causing pain to so many. But, the reality is that we are facing a mini-natural disaster in Johannesburg.

One part of this reality is the amount of vehicles that have been damaged beyond repair!

When situations like flash floods happen as now with Johannesburg flash floods, we're sad to know that too many people will feel that 'hindsight was the best sight' when it comes to their valuable possessions and their vehicles. Don't get us wrong, we know those valuable possessions come after the valuable lives that have been lost so far - our hearts truly go out to those affected!

Vehicle Insurance should not be an afterthought

But, after that comes the frustration and difficult financial future that many will face due to a lack of preparation. And we believe this is preventable! As many of you will know, we are passionate about helping people make better financial decisions and build better financial futures. It's hard to know people are sitting in severe financial stress due to the Johannesburg flash floods.

So, naturally, when the flash floods came and the devastation started appearing all over the news, we immediately wondered how many people had vehicle insurance to cover the cost involved.

We were strongly reminded of the need to be proactive when it comes to your finances. This is why we advise South African consumers to use our comprehensive and growing comparison tool to compare financial products.

Take action and get the Vehicle Insurance you can afford

For those that are ready to take a proactive financial step, please move on over to our Vehicle Insurance comparison page and shop around for vehicle insurance that suits your needs. The next time a Johannesburg flash flood hits, you'll be prepared!

And for those that have lost loved ones, we wish we could offer more than just financial products - but please know that our hearts go out to you!

Here's to a better financial future fellow Fincheck users.

P.S. As we mentioned above, a proactive approach to better finances is a foundational key to being prepared when dealing with financial pitfalls. This is why we're building a full scope financial tool to help you build a better financial future!

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