3 Stories from DirectAxis on How Debt Consolidation Helps You

Mar 07, 2016
Author: Ean Barnard

DirectAxis is a specialist South African financial services company that provides customers with a direct connection to loans and insurance. Launched in January 1995, they give you direct access to the financial products you need, in a way that is most convenient for you. In this article we look at how their Debt Consolidation Loans have helped people.

If you’re interested in consolidating your loans and improving your cashflow, let’s quickly recap on what exactly a debt consolidation entails. A consolidation loan is designed to simplify your finances and increase your cashflow by leaving you with a single monthly payment at a fixed interest rate, over a longer repayment term (this is key to remember, so it's not like you’re paying less interest). The key benefit of loan consolidation is the lower monthly payment you’ll need to make, thus leaving you with an increase in your cashflow.

DirectAxis gathered 3 great examples of How a Debt Consolidation Loan Could Help you if you ever find yourself in these situations:

A Home Break-in… no insurance?

Let’s say you’ve suffered a break in and some of your most valuable money-making belongings have been stolen. Your smartphone, laptop, and some other small stuff are gone with the wind. If you don’t have insurance, you might have a big problem in replacing the items and it could threaten to put a big strain on your finances. Read how Irene boosted her monthly cash-flow by R1,833 in debt consolidating the various credit loans she had to take out in replacing the stolen items.

Your Dream Home turns into a Nightmare.

Perhaps you’ve just signed on the dotted line and bought a beautiful house in a pristine area. You’ve saved up a bunch for the renovations and you’re looking forward to completing the project. Everything is going according to plan and then it hit you – a rather large bill for some unexpected cost in the renovation process. You’re stuck. What to do now? Read how Dawie consolidated his loans over a long term and freed up R3,112 a month.

Anxious about Missing pending payments.

Let’s say you’ve already received several calm reminders to make payments, or even to catch up on your arrears. You’re stressed out and you don’t know how you’re going to make these payments. Read more on how Denise removed stress from her life and also freed up R731 monthly through loan consolidation.

In all 3 situations, a debt consolidation loan could prove to be the best help you can get. By enabling you to increase your cashflow, you could be able to pay for those pesky unexpected costs and move on towards financial stability. These situations among many have caused many South Africans to consolidate their debt. If you’d like to read once more on the above mentioned examples and on exactly how a debt consolidation came to the rescue in every situation, you can read it here. Notice how in each scenario, consistently paying back the new amount is a commitment and a vitally consistent payment to make!

Here’s to a well informed decisions regarding the consolidation of your loans! Visit the Fincheck Debt Consolidation Comparison Page once you’ve done your research!

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