About Fincheck

Fincheck is a free to use and independent comparison website for all South Africans

A better financial future for South Africans, one decision at a time

Let's face it, South Africans are stressed about difficult financial decisions. Especially when it comes to things like personal loans and debt consolidation. As a consequence, they are making terrible financial decisions and, in turn, it results in a gloomy financial future for many South Africans.

Fincheck is here to change this gloomy picture for South African consumers by making it easier to make better financial decisions!

Fincheck is an online financial and loan comparison website for South Africa at large. We have partnered with many of South Africa's big banks and smaller microlenders to supply the people that come to us with options that match their financial profile.

Many people are in search of a lender that will offer them the most attractive repayment terms, interest rates and packages. With online loan applications higher than ever before, Fincheck has entered the space with a mission to make this process easier and simpler than it has ever been.

Every financial decision counts

With our unique platform, we can now help you build a better financial future by making every decision count!

Our system strives to source the most accurate and up to date financial product based on your financial profile and application. All you need to do is fill in any of our custom built forms to match you with the comparative options. All of this is presented in a user-friendly interface which allows you to make an appropriate and informed financial decision.

We not only pursue to save you time, effort and money but also to help you towards a healthy credit score. This means you are protecting your credit score simply by using Fincheck's online process!

A Better financial future starts with knowing where you are. Free credit scores for all our users

Fincheck offers all our users free credit scores so they can see how banks measure their financial health. This is done through the MyFincheck portal which offers bank-level security, personalised offers and the option to manage your finances

This is only the beginning of the awesome plans up our sleeve! We're happy to know people like you are partnering with us to create a healthy financial landscape in South Africa.

Here's to South Africa at large making better financial decisions!

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Need some quick cash to get you to your next payday? Fincheck compares the best options for short term payday loans between R100 and R8,000

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Fincheck is a financial comparisons website that organises information to assist the borrower in making their best financial decision.

Fincheck gathers information from numerous banking partners and presents it to the borrower in a simple, understandable way. Lenders benefit from an additional market place and extensive customer reach. Loan amounts vary from lender to lender. Fees, interest rates, loan amounts and credit scores influence the repayment terms. Lenders require personal details to control their risk and assist the government to combat theft, money laundering, terrorism. Fincheck does not endorse any particular product or company. We are an independent company. The information shown and provided is an opinion, based on numbers and must not be seen as advice or consultation.