How to Create Extra Income and Pay Off Your Loan

Sep 05, 2016
Author: Ean Barnard

For many, a new possibility should be considered. What if paying off your loans can be because you’re not cutting out expenses, but adding more income?

What if, you get to spend money and pay off your loan, at exactly the same time? Yes, you’re not seeing double, it’s possible!

Paying off your loan can often take you back to why we took out the loan in the first place. In most cases, it’s because there was a shortage of funds. And now, ironically, because of the loan, there’s a shortage of cash flow.

The way to get out of this persky situation is to create more cash flow. It doesn’t mean just cutting cost, but slightly adapting your lifestyle, and finding ways to create the extra cash that you need to build your lifestyle for the future.

  1. Earn money with your money. Open a savings account with a high interest rate or buy at places where you earn cashbacks.
  1. Invest in your talents. Become an expert in something and place a price on your services. This allows you to build income and develop your odd skills. Soon enough you can be a professional freelancer and allocate those funds towards future accounts. It will not be immediate funds as it takes time to establish the value of your time, product or service.
  1. Advertising. Invest in a space where people can advertise. Small spaces like pole stands or t-shirt branding.

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