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Product Guide: Study Loan SA

Study Loan SA makes Study Loans possible through Distance Learning

If you are dreaming of furthering your studies and pursuing the career or promotion you’ve always wanted, they have a financial solution that could make this a reality for you.

Most people are worried about how they would pay for their studies and they get anxious thinking that they need all the money upfront. Well, no need to stress any longer. Study Loan SA has partnered up with a group of Distance Learning Colleges that offer study loans with affordable monthly payment schedules.

These Partner Colleges offer you great service and benefits, so if you are serious about studying, Study Loan SA recommends that you apply for a study loan at one of their Partner Colleges today.

How does it Work?

The Partner Colleges offer Distance Learning Courses and you would be studying from home in your free time. This means that you won’t attend any classes and can still have a full-time job while furthering your studies.

You can apply for a study loan at any of the Partner Colleges and they will contact you directly to make the necessary arrangements.

Once your study loan is approved, you will receive a monthly payment schedule and you can start your studies immediately. This means that you can “Pay as you Study” and repay your study loan in affordable monthly payments.

Learn more about the support distance learning institutions by clicking on this Partner Colleges link.

Some FAQ’s regarding Study Loan SA

  1. Can I apply for a second study loan whilst still paying off the first study loan somewhere?


  1. What Happens if I can’t repay my instalment?

Study Loan SA has a number of ways to help people who struggle to make their monthly payments. One of the options is that you take a break from your studies, for three months. In this time you don’t study, and you also don’t pay. Study Loan SA can also try and reduce the monthly amount, and then you pay for extra months to make up for the lower monthly fee. If you lose your job because you are retrenched, then you need to give them proof of your retrenchment, and then you can keep on studying for free.

  1. What happens if my study loan is approved?

Your approval for a study loan can only be used with the college you selected in the application process. When your loan is approved, the College is informed, and a Registrar from the College will contact you to complete your Registration. If a Registrar is available in the study loans office, then you will be contacted from there directly to complete your Registration.

  1. What happens if the payer of my study loan passes away or gets retrenched?

You need to give Study Loan SA proof of retrenchment or proof that the person has passed away. Once you have submitted proof, and it has been approved and accepted by us, then you continue your studies for free.

  1. Who can apply for finance from  Study Loan SA?

Anyone wanting to study with one of the colleges listed on the website.

6.If the student is currently studying with one of these colleges, can he/she apply for an additional study loan?

Yes. The student’s past payment record will be used in determining if Study Loan SA approves a loan. All students on study loans have to sign a fixed term contract. This means that the student has to make all payments until the complete course fee is paid.


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