The South African Dilemma - Have you researched your Lender?

Mar 07, 2016
Author: Ean Barnard

Do we have a problem doing loan research?

The South African nation has a trust in its future that inspires, but every now and then that trust works in the wrong way. Pyramid schemes once thrived in this country, preying on the naivety of South Africans. Too often, South Africans have this innate trait to believe everything their loved ones tell them - without doing loan research.

If your loved one isn’t a banker or financial advisor we suggest you slide over to the nearest computer and start researching South African lenders.

A good financial education won’t be heard via the grapevine - set out the time to research your loan. Most men know exactly what they want before they go to a mall. But looking for a loan isn’t your average Saturday mall shopping. It can become more like a shopping trip with some ladies on a mission to get into every nook and cranny of every store!

Where does one even start?

Well, Fincheck should be one of your first choices! We have a whole host of credit providers lined up for you to research on our Loan Comparison Page. And these are all the trusted ones. Multiple loan products ready to be researched for your convenience. Capitec, Absa, FNB, Eduloan, Ubank, Wonga, Bay Port and many more. We plan to role out all of the loan providers that you would ever need.

What should I research?

An important topic to research is to know whether the credit provider in question is trustworthy. The National Credit Act exists in South Africa to simplify and standardize the credit market. It acts like a parent to open the eyes of consumers just before they fall in love with wrong loan.

Research to see if the credit provider is NCR (National Credit Regulator) affiliated - the NCR has your back! If a credit provider is not registered with the NCR, it could mean that they are hiding something that may harm the health of your debt.

Get a hang of their track record - they want your credit record after all!

Nowadays with so many loans online it may be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Before you decide to partner with a credit provider, research their track record. What types of news articles are associated with them? How long are they in business?

So, no more advice from broke people - get your education hat online and reap the fruits of some proper research. It won’t cost you much, but a wrong decision definitely will! You can look to the Fincheck Pay Day Loan Comparisons Page to help you with your loan research.

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