Are you ready for a better financial future? MyFincheck Finance Tool is Live!

Mar 29, 2017
Author: Ean Barnard

Today is a huge milestone for every user and team member of Fincheck! The release of the MyFincheck Finance Tool means that we are all better equipped to make better financial decisions.

Why does that matter? Because it is the foundation beneath a better financial feature for each of us.

In this post, we're going to show you how this latest feature is a building block of that foundation for your better financial future. This includes a short breakdown of each of the following:

  1. Bank Level Security Assurance & Notifications
  2. Your Personal Financial Dashboard Overview
  3. Understanding your income, expense & expense ratio
  4. See your Cash Flow with the Transactions Window
  5. Save towards a better financial future with your own Savings Window
  6. Your Credit Window will help you keep track of credit card spending
  7. Take control of debt with your FREE Credit Score & Loan Account Window

We'll follow up on this post with a full post on each major feature of the MyFincheck Finance Tool - sign up at the bottom of the page to stay tuned


When you land on the Fincheck Website, click on the "MyFincheck" button and navigate to "My Finances". If you haven't signed up for FREE as a member yet, it's a simple process:

  • Click on sign-up
  • Fill in your basic details
  • Submit and confirm your account through the instructions
  • Sign-in to your account and enjoy your personal financial dashboard!

When you're in your MyFincheck dashboard (as seen below in the image) simply click on "My Finances" and get started on building a better financial future!

SECURITY FEATURE: Bank Level Security Assurance & Notifications

MyFincheck is protected by advanced security technology trusted on an international level. This promises you the same level of security that banks enjoy all over South Africa.

For the MyFincheck Tool to help you build a better financial future, it logs into your bank twice daily.

Please note that you have NOTHING to fear, the software is simply checking for transaction updates. This is so that you have relevant and updated information when looking at your Financial Dashboard.

All of this is done with a promise of internationally tested, bank-level security so that you can have PEACE OF MIND :)

FEATURE 1 - Your Personal Financial Dashboard Overview

One of the first steps when you have accessed the finance tool, will be to link your bank accounts. Other investment and loan accounts can also be linked here. Remember that all your financial information is safe! You will experience the following from your Overview window:

  • View rour finances at a glance (income, expense & expense ratio)
  • Overview of all your finance accounts
  • Easy navigation to all your personal finance windows
  • Suggested products based on your financial profile

FEATURE 2 - Understanding your income, expenses & expense ratio

We will continuously help you understand the different parts of personal finance to help you grow financially. You will notice a display of your income, expenses & expense ratio on your financial dashboard, and this is one of those place where we help you understand personal finance.

We will talk a bit about each of those in an upcoming post.

FEATURE 3 - See your Cash Flow with the Transactions Window

A key component to making better financial decisions is to see how you are spending your money. Spending habits quickly reveal where your financial literacy OR financial priorities are. Measuring this against your finances at a glance (income & expenses) will show you if you are spending money wisely or not compared to what you are getting in.

  • Updated flow of transactions (through bank-level security)
  • Automatic categorisation of transactions
  • Easily edit categories that best represents your personal finances

FEATURE 4 - Save towards a better financial future with your own Savings Window

There can't be a better financial future if you don't put money towards it. With the ability to edit or label the right transactions as "Savings", you can see how much money you are saving every month. We'll help you choose the right savings products once we learn more about your financial profile!

  • Take stock of your current savings
  • Measure how well your savings goals are being met
  • See how much of your monthly income goes towards your savings

FEATURE 5 - Your Credit Window will help you keep track of credit card spending

In our experiences with many Fincheck readers, we've seen how credit card spending silently steals financial health from many. Check in here often to see that you're not spending more than you can afford to cover with your income.

FEATURE 6 - Take control of debt with your FREE Credit Score & Loan Account Window

Although the FREE Credit Score tool is a separate feature of the MyFincheck Dashboard, we're displaying it here as well so you can manage your total financial health from one tool area. Remember to check in here monthly to see whether you have any updated reports for your credit score and loan accounts.

Let's cheers to your better financial future!

We're so excited and happy to have been able to share this awesome release with you! If you had fun reading it, and would like to share it with a friend, please send them the link and encourage them to sign up.

If you haven't signed up for MyFincheck, you can do it here.

Remember to sign-up for post updates - we'll keep you posted!

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